Power Puck II Radiometer - [UV01451-x]


Power Puck II Radiometer - [UV01451-x]


Up to 10W/cm², Selectable 4 channel, 250-445nm (more...)


  • Used in curing applications of inks, adhesives, soldermasks, and epoxies (not for use in web press applications)
  • Incorporates four separate spectral response ranges and measures all four simultaneously
  • Display scrolls through UV dosage in Joules/cm2 and peak UV intensity in Watts/cm2 of all four separate UV spectral response ranges
  • Measures UV lamp performance (and possible bandwidth shift for doped lamps)
  • Compares the efficiencies of different UV curing systems
  • Includes carrying case


Delivery estimate: 10-14 business days - Unit calibrated just prior to shipping. 
Available in low, mid or high power range versions (specified at time of order)


Operating Ranges:
High Power:
- UVA, UVB, UVV: 100-10000 mW/cm²
- UVC: 10-1000 mW/cm²
Mid Power:
- UVA, UVB, UVV: 10-1000 mW/cm²
- UVC: 1-100 mW /cm²
Low Power:
- UVA, UVB, UVV, UVC: 1-100 mW/cm²

Operating Range:
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