PALM Probe (Legacy Product) - [UV2314-x]


PALM Probe (Legacy Product) - [UV2314-x]


Note: The PALM Probe is a legacy product.

Measures UV system performance, particularly in applications where measurement space is limited or it is difficult to access. (more...)

  • Wide Dynamic Range (100,000:1) Measurements; Autoranging and zeroing
  • Measures and displays Watts, Joules, Seconds; displays peak value Watts/cm2
  • Electrically isolated, insulated & high temperature resistant light guide
  • Single hand operation; two membrane switch control
  • UV bands- choice of EIT UVA, UVB, or UVV
  • Battery powered; two user replaceable AA batteries with low battery warning

Operating Range:
100 µW/cm²-10 W/cm²

Spectral Range:
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