IS310 UV Logger - [UV4007]

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IS310 UV Logger - [UV4007]


Detection Range: 0.002 W/cm² to 3 W/cm² UVA and UVB (more...)

The IS310 UV Logger is the only credit card-sized measurement device that accurately measures the overall UV energy in the oven as well as the power & energy being emitted by each of the UV lamps separately.

The recording of data for each individual lamp makes it a unique logger and eases traceability and maintenance of lamps.

Lead Time: 4-10 days to allow for calibration before shipment (does not include transit time). This item is special order and thus is non-cancelable and non-returnable.

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  • Helps you determine whether you need to:

    • Increase the lamp current

    • Replace or reposition the lamp or the reflector, individually

    • Clean or change the reflector

  • Prevents scrap and costly downtime due to inefficient curing

  • Achieve consistent UV curing – improve quality

  • Avoid under-curing

  • Monitor UV oven efficiency


  • Gives you separate readings for each lamp in your oven

  • Stores data for up to 9 lamps in 9 different ovens

  • 6mm (0.24”) thick
    *This means it will go underneath most safety barriers and it measures close to the substrate to give a more accurate reading of the light intensity where the curing takes place

  • Measures 2 parameters for each lamp:

  • UV energy transmitted in Joules/cm²

  • Peak lamp power in Watts/cm²

  • Comes with free PC data analysis software

It also comes with free PC data analysis software that presents data as graphs for efficient management of lamps and reflectors to ensure a consistent and reliable curing of lacquers, inks, adhesives. etc.


UV Logger Specifications

Measure UV Lamps Infographic

Repeatable Curing Process Infographic